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Heaven and Hell

Phil Jarratt's


Heaven and Hell

Chaos and corruption, free love, great surf and high times from the rajas to Jokowi

Published by Hardie Grant Books, October 2014.

For a century now, Bali has been the subject of a beautiful mythology created by movies and music, but there are few factual accounts of its transformation from besieged peasant colony to booming tourist mecca. It’s a tale begging to be told: a story of survival in the face of genocide, natural disaster, terrorism, cultural imperialism and corruption on a grand scale.

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Sydney Morning Herald

A far more complex, contradictory and interesting picture than the standard journalistic cliché of paradise lost.

Australian Associated Press

With a surfer’s humour and a journalist’s balance, Jarratt explores Bali’s bloody history, pre-terrorism, its spiritual life and where Australia’s affinity with Bali began.

I set out to write a Bali book like no other, combining my 40 years of personal experience of the Island of the Gods with a comprehensive history that went right back to the rajas and documented in detail the dramatic effects that subsequent waves of tourism have had over the past half century. I first visited Bali in 1974 on a surf trip with some mates who had started a little company called Rip Curl. I fell in love with the waves, the place, the people, and although Bali has changed almost beyond recognition, until Covid my wife and I had visited at least one or two times a year for decades. I’m really proud of this book, and the many layers of the onion – or maybe that should be durian – that it peels back to get beyond the mystique of this intriguing island.

You can read a sample of the text here and watch the Bali Heaven and Hell video here.

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